About Me

Living with genetically thin hair and hair loss for almost 25 years, I know that it can be very lonely and disempowering. Endless medical tests, sleepless nights, searching for a remedy online and trying to hide my hair loss from even my family members and work colleagues left me feeling like I had nothing to live for.

Living with hair loss felt like a curse in the beginning. It has been a costly journey, not only emotionally but financially too. Accepting my hair loss was a long process for me, it took me more than 10 years to see the blessing in my curse and finally feel free. Free from all the societal pressure to seek acceptance from others as well as breaking free companies that took advantage of my vulnerability.

I have been wearing toppers for more than 17 years now and have worn every brand on the market over the years. You can contact me via email, or simply book a consultation if you are a complete beginner.


My collection of toppers are all made with premium grade fine Brazilian or European remy human hair. All my toppers have hand tied silk bases with premium Jewish cap construction and fully certified. Currently, this is the most advanced technology in the hair industry in order to achieve the morst realistic scalp look.

  • Client M.

    Dear Mehtap,

    I really want to thank you for THIS.

    This is insane. I really feel lucky that i found you. You have such a big heart. From the beginning that we talk, i know that i found the right one to talk, to share my problem with my hair loss. And you give a honest advice. This is a big step and I feel my confidence back.

    Thank you Mehtap for all!

  • Client S.

    Saved me a lot of tears, money, frustration and mental health wondering what's wrong with me. when in fact it's not me.. it's some sellers selling false hope / dreams to extremely vulnerable people going through a mentally exhausting time and just wanting to feel "normal"

    You have truly helped me

    understand what I need to look for, what I'm actually paying for, and how to even mentally prepare myself for when I receive a topper and what true maintenance looks like... all things no other seller has ever offered me before! I'm forever greatdul for you xxxx

  • Client F.

    Thank you for a fabulous experience from start to finish. It has been wonderful having your support, care and kindness through this new hair experience. Your pieces are beautiful and l'm so pleased we found the one. I feel like I have got a little part of me back and it is giving me a bit of a confidence and self esteem boost that I had lost before finding toppers and your lovely self. Your caring, happy and honest nature has been truly appreciated and incredibly helpful throughout! %100 Recommended!